While you work your feet you can take risks

During working hours, the feet are exposed to the following risks:

1. Injuries to the feet caused by external actions: thermal risks, chemical risks, mechanical risks, etc.

2. Risks for people due to an action on the foot: risks of falling due to slipping, electrical risks, radiation, contamination, etc.

3. Health risks or discomforts derived from the use of footwear: poor adaptation to the foot, penetration of moisture, biological risks, sprains, dislocations, etc.

Now that you know what your clients’ feet can be exposed to during working hours, it is important that you suggest a shoe with a toe cap or cap which will protect the toes from injuries due to impacts from objects, verify that the sole of the footwear you distribute be slip resistant to avoid slipping on your clients Remember that our responsibility is to protect lives! Therefore, it is important that all the footwear you have available have safety standards and certifications.

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