Without lowering the guard!

To face this pandemic, it is essential to continue with protection and hygiene measures and not lower your guard in your home and workplace. We recommend that you promote with your relatives the discipline of making the following steps a habit:

• Clean the soles of your shoes on a mat with a disinfectant solution before entering your home or office.

• Use disinfectant to clean common areas, desks, dining areas, telephones, cell phones, bags, purses, cars, etc.

• Always use a face mask or mask especially if you have to go out. There are different characteristics, from the most basic that prevent contagion by splashing fluids and the safest such as triple layer or medical grade, N95 and KN95 that protect you from any virus from outside.

• Complement your safety with latex gloves, glasses, face shields, antibacterial gel dispensers, counter screens, etc.

• Follow the safety signs to maintain a healthy distance, allow them to take your temperature with infrared thermometers without having any contact and respect

At Lica the most important thing is to protect you and we are together against Covid-19. If you require a special product, write to us and we will gladly quote it.

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