Return policy

Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and designed to meet national and international guidelines. They are guaranteed at the time of purchase against defects in manufacturing, workmanship and materials.

It is important that, at the time of purchase, the user identify the appropriate equipment for the work to be performed, according to the risks and activities.

All products have a life cycle under NORMAL conditions of use, any excessive wear can decrease their performance and improper use invalidates the warranty.

Each of the products has a specific function and when they have fulfilled the primary function they must be replaced by a new one; a warranty under these circumstances is NOT VALID. As well as any physical alteration of the product or inappropriate use.

We define two types of Guarantees for your products:

  1. Lifetime Guarantee
  2. Warranty for Manufacturing Defects


The useful life is the estimated duration that a product can have, correctly fulfilling the function for which it was created.
The useful life is normally calculated in hours, days or a defined time of approximate duration.

The Useful Life of each product is different with each client, because each client and / or user has different operating conditions and therefore affect its useful life.

The following causes are not considered a manufacturing defect and therefore the warranty will not apply if:

General security products:

A Major

Less useful life of the product that does not apply Warranty:

Humidity in the Environment

The working environment with humidity can generate internal deterioration in the products. This does not apply warranty.

RECOMMENDED: store under optimal conditions, in a dry and cool place to avoid deterioration of the material.

Excessive oils or corrosive agents

Limit excessive contact with petroleum-based chemicals or solvents that reduce product life. This does not apply warranty.

Sharp Objet

The product is not cut resistant unless the label indicates otherwise. This does not apply warranty.

High temperatures

The material is not fireproof (Avoid contact with high temperatures). This does not apply warranty.


The products are very often used incorrectly and substantially reduce their useful life, therefore, it is not a cause for return, nor is the guarantee applied if it was subjected to:
1. Cuts

2. Scratches

3. Burns

4. Excess water or liquids

5. Excess acids or solvents

6. Hours – Exaggerated use.

This does not apply warranty.

IMPORTANT: Respect the use, care and maintenance specifications described on the labels and / or packaging.

A Major

Less useful life of the product that does not apply Warranty:

Floor abrasion

If the shoe is subjected to too abrasive floors, it reduces the duration of the sole and is not a cause for return, no guarantee applies


Humidity in the environment

The work environment with humidity means that the footwear can generate internally mold, or crystallization of the skin finish and does not apply any guarantee.

Excess water or liquids

Excessive use with water causes damage to the skin and therefore cracks, breaks and peels. Footwear with these faults is not a cause for return and the warranty does not apply if it is subject to these conditions.

It is recommended that if your footwear was exposed to water, it should be dried in the shade and lubricate the skin daily.

Excess oil


If the shoe is subjected to excess oils, which can be absorbed by the sole, it causes broken soles, this is not a cause of return, no guarantee applies.

Corrosive agents

If the shoe is subjected to corrosive agents or were subjected to soda, acids, washers, and ketones that were not diagnosed for use, and that affect the detachment of the sole, the decomposition of the sole and the skin, it is not a cause of return and therefore no guarantee applies

Misuse of footwear or disproportionate uses

The user commonly submits his footwear to bad uses that substantially reduce the useful life of the footwear, therefore, it is not a cause of return and application of the guarantee if the footwear was subjected to:

1. Cuts

2. Scratches

3. Burns from welding

4. Burns by chemical agents

5. Excess water or liquids

6. Excess acids or solvents

7. Exaggerated use exposed to too much abrasion.

8. Hours – Exaggerated use

9. Breaking of the shoelaces

10. Detachment of eyelets, rivets and fittings per pull.

Lack of maintenance

Footwear must be maintained daily and adequate as:

1. Clean frequently with a damp cloth (do not use solvents or quick-drying polishes).

 2. Let dry in the shade, not in the sun, this generates cracks in the skin and sole.

3. Moisten the shoes with grease or special oil for the skin frequently.

4. Wash the shoelaces and let dry in the shade.

5. Cleaning of staff 1 time per week.

Hours of use

If the shoe is subjected to excessive time (+ 8 working hours), including outside work areas and days, this cause is one of the most frequent returns, since excessive wear is noted on the soles, torn linings, and excessively damaged skin. If a shoe is observed in excess of hours-use, it is not a cause for return and the shoe guarantee does not apply.



Manufacturing failures. They are all those defects that appear as a result of some neglect or bad process during manufacturing, especially human failures of their own nature. These defects can be immediately visible or they can be hidden flaws that only come out through use.

– Warranty Claim for Manufacturing Failures:

In the event of a fault in sight, since the product is unpacked it must be reported immediately and must not be used for any reason. To make the claim for this type of failure, you must return the product in its original packaging, without signs of use and / or abuse.

Some examples of manufacturing failures that apply in these cases are mentioned below:

General security products:


  1. a) Notoriously unknown seams without use of the product.
  2. b) Lack of accessories.
  3. c) Labeling failure.
  4. d) Any anomaly that limits the primary operation.


1.a) Well-known seams, without the use of footwear.

2.b) Some area of the sole notoriously detached, without the use of footwear.

3.c) A failure in the labeling of the product.

4.d) The change in skin tone is NOT a cause of return, since it is a natural product and each batch reacts differently to its tanning and pigmentation process.

5.e) The own marks of the skin are NOT cause for return, even these marks guarantee that the footwear is made with a natural product.

In case of hidden failure, which only comes out with use, the customer has 90 days from the date of the purchase receipt to claim this type of manufacturing failure. By its own nature, any anomaly comes into view within the first 6 days of use, after 30 days of use it is considered a Guarantee of Useful Life and therefore must not fall into any or some of the cases mentioned above for apply the return.

We offer a 90-day warranty for manufacturing, workmanship and material defects, with the exception of some products that have a specific express warranty on the marking or packaging.


Return procedure:

The return procedure will be directly with your sales advisor:

1.Photograph the defect to claim.

2.Photograph all angles of the product, labels and packaging.

3.Send the invoice or purchase ticket for the claimed product.

4.Send the above to the mail to:

The resolution will be sent within 48 hours of confirming the email received, if approved, you must arrive at our warehouse in the same conditions shown in the photographs sent.


Changes or returns are subject to validation of the product status. LICA reserves the right to repair or replace the product.


I M P O R T A N T E: The product must be sent in the same conditions in which it was sold (original packaging packaging).