LICA products warranty limit.

Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and designed to meet national and international guidelines.

All products are guaranteed at the time of purchase against defects in manufacturing, labor and materials.

It is important that the user identifies the appropriate equipment for the job that is going to carry out, in accordance with the risks and present activities.

All products have a useful life cycle under NORMAL conditions of use,any excess can decrease its performance. Each of the products count with a specific function, when they have fulfilled the primary function they must replace with a new one; a guarantee under these circumstances IS NOT VALID. Soas well as any physical alteration of the product.

Changes or returns are subject to validation of the product status. LICA isreserves the right to repair or replace the product.


  1. The return and complaints procedure will be done directly with your advisor

sales, in case of foreign customers or distributors will send photos of all the angles of the product to the mail: distribuidores@lica.mx, with a copy to control.calidad@calzadodetrabajo.com for evaluation the resolution is send within 48 hours of being approved, the product must arrive at our warehouse in the same conditions shown in the photographs sent.

  1. If the purchase was made in a branch, it will be responsible for making it sent to

our same quality area that will have a term no longer than 5 business days to assess the damage and give the resolution (The period begins after receiving the product).

Deadline to request changes by size or model: For these changes you count with 15 calendar days counting from the date you received the product and for this the product must be new.

IMPORTANTE: The product must be sent in the same conditions in which it was

sold (original packaging) and your proof of purchase.

* The fact of receiving the product, does not guarantee that it comes in return. This depends on the

quality department evaluation.

NOT A: For foreign customers, in case of receiving a new product with a defect, the

freight is borne by the company LICA, with prior authorization from your sales advisor.

In case of claiming an already used product, the return freight is at your expense,

if the guarantee proceeds, the shipping freight is borne by the company LICA.

In case the guarantee applies, a new product will be granted or the repair of the product, as has been the evaluation produced by the tests ofquality, to ensure that the product had a manufacturing problem.

LICA products offer a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

work and materials, with the exception of some products that have a specific guarantee

express on the marking or packaging and those that have a specific guarantee in the

following paragraphs:

(The listings are non-limiting statements, for more details consult your advisor


  • Disposable products: caps, masks, gloves, etc.
  • Auction products
  1. 90 days
  • Plastic products: helmets, glasses, gloves, rubber boots, aprons, cones, raincoats, tapes, respirators.
  • Warranty limits, any omission to the following instructions invalidates their guarantee.
  1. a) Store under optimal conditions, in a dry and cool place to avoid deterioration of the material.
  2. b) Limit excessive contact with petroleum-based chemicalsor solvents that reduce the life of the product.

–  Textile products: Pants, shirts, overalls, gloves, aprons, etc.

– Warranty limits, any omission to the following instructions invalidates their guarantee.

  1. a) Respect the use, care and maintenance specifications described

on labels and / or packaging.

  1. b) The material is not fireproof. (Avoid contact with high temperatures).
  2. c) The material is not cut resistant unless the label indicates what

contrary. (Avoid contact with sharp objects).


Warranty limits, any omission to the following instructions invalidates their guarantee.

  1. a) The incorrect selection of the product.
  2. b) Footwear with protection toe cap and metatarsus struck. (Since the hunted has fulfilled its function and must acquire a new one).
  3. c) Sole and dielectric footwear contaminated with conductive materials of electricity.
  4. d) Conductive and antistatic sole and footwear contaminated with materials insulators of electricity.
  5. e) Soles contaminated with oils and / or solvents or some other type of chemical, they are not made of.
  6. f) Footwear subjected to excessive humidity unless the skin is waterproof, capable of resisting contact with water.
  7. g) Soles worn by too abrasive floors that have even lost your drawing or stud.
  8. h) Seams damaged by burns or cuts will invalidate the guarantee.


If footwear has cuts, scrapes, burns, burned seams, hardware rusty, outsole with excessive wear, broken bushing, broken or detached internal linings.

Recommendation with shoe care.

  1. Clean with a damp cloth and do not use solvents.
  2. Let dry in the shade in a sufficient period of time.
  3. Use special oil or grease for the leather.
  4. Use natural cream for leather, crasy and greasy.
  5. Use sponge or dry brush for leather bucks.
  6. Clean sole with water and you can use touch-up pigments.
  7. If the shoe gets completely wet, it is recommended to insert newspaper in everything

the inside of the shoe, and dry in a place free of light and air, once dryuse corresponding cream.

* Also the omission of these instructions will invalidate the guarantee.