Become Distributor

Become Distributor

Selling Policies:

1.- In order to obtain distributor prices, you must be operating in an appropriate commercial activity to be able to promote and sell security products.

2.- There will be no exclusive territories for distributors.

3.- In order to obtain distributor prices, you must have a minimum monthly purchase of $ 10,000.00 ten thousand pesos before VAT, which can be accumulated.

4.- Minimum purchase per exhibition $ 2,500.00 before VAT.

5.-The form of payment must be rigorously counted.

6.- Product prices are subject to change without notice.

7.- Products are sold L.A.B. Guadalajara Jalisco, this means that the ownership and responsibility of the product and the cost of the freight belongs to the distributor.

8- .The Distributor must claim any damage or shortage that occurred during transportation directly to the carrier.

9.- All LICA merchandise has a 3-month warranty, which applies only for factory defects, all distributors must adhere to LICA’s warranty policy. The Distributor agrees to read, understand and sign the content of this Policy accepted.

10.- The Distributor may request a special quote when handling any operation that is outside the usual parameters, must indicate in writing the volume, as well as characteristics of the requested special product.

11.- For the payment of your invoices, it must be by means of transfer or deposit in the referenced account provided by your advisor after registering as a distributor.


  • Constitutive Act
  • Proof of address (not more than 3 months).
  • IFE of the legal representative.
  • Distributor registration signed by the legal representative.
  • RFC license
  • Warranty policy signed by legal representative.
  • Power of attorney of the legal representative
  • Photographs 1 of the facade and 1 of the interior of your business.