EPP Soccer Products

The ILO estimates that there are more than a million deaths at work per year and hundreds of millions of workers are victims of accidents in the workplace, so it is important to raise awareness and wear PPE (Protective Equipment) responsibly. personnel) appropriately to avoid accidents within the work area and even save lives.

• A ratcheting or interval helmet must be ANSI Z89.1-2003 Certified

• The part that is most exposed to the dangers of industrial activities due to impact injuries, are the toes, so it is important to wear boots with caps to protect them.

At Lica this is possible since we have Specialized Boots for each type of work and Class E certified ratcheting helmets from Chivas and America. Can you imagine protecting yourself with boots and helmets with the image of your favorite soccer team?

Check with your sales agent about the prizes you can get in the minimum purchase of this line of new football products.

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